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Membership APPLICATION page

Membership Application Page Directions:

  1. Scroll down the page to review our membership levels to confirm which level applies to you
  2. Choose your Membership Level in the Membership Application section and click "Next" to continue
  3. Your final page will be the payments page - Pay with your Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover card.
  4. All memberships expire on December 31 of the current year, regardless of when you joined, except where noted below.

Membership Levels

Individual Membership Description:
The Individual membership is for one person.

Couple Membership Description:
The Couple Membership is for a Primary Member and an Additional Member who share an email address or who register only one email address.  Both names will be listed on the website and in email blasts (E.g. John & Mary Smith; John Smith and Mary Jones)
You may have a secondary email address registered with the club.  This secondary email will receive emails and blasts from the club, but does not have login capabilities.  Just fill in the optional secondary email address box on the application.

Family Membership Description:
The Family Membership is for a Primary Member and Additional Members who register two separate email addresses; this includes couples and/or families.
The Primary Member is called a 'Bundle Administrator'.
You (the bundle administrator) will be able to add additional family members after you register and log in.
The primary member (bundle administrator) has login access to the member pages and events.
Additional family members may have login access to the member pages and events.

Pricing for Individual, Couple, and/or Family Memberships:
$70 - Joining January 1 - June 30 [Expires December 31 of current year]
$40 - Joining July 1 - October 31 [Expires December 31 of current year]
$70 - Joining November 1 - December 31 [Expires December 31 of the following year (for a total of 14 months*)]
$70 - All Renewals [Please respond to the automated renewal reminders]

Associate Membership Description and Pricing:
Associate Memberships are for members who are currently registered in another JCNA affiliate club and wish to also be a member of the San Diego Jaguar Club.  You must have a valid JCNA membership number to choose this option.  Please list your primary club in the membership application notes section.

$40 - Joining January 1 - December 31 [Expires December 31 of current year]

All Memberships - Renewal Date:
All memberships expire on December 31 of the current year, regardless of when you joined (except where noted above*).  You must renew your membership annually to be a member in good standing.  Automated renewal reminders are sent out starting in December and are due by December 31.  Please renew your membership as soon as possible (this lowers the stress level of our membership VP).

The application form below lists the following: Subscription period: 1 year: on January 1st.  This means all membership subscriptions are for the current year you joined and have a renewal date of January 1; it does not mean your membership subscription is for 1 year from the date you joined, but is only for the current year and must be renewed annually/yearly on January 1.  This descriptor is a default, set by the website host, and we cannot change the wording, so please do not misunderstand what this means.  If you have any questions about your membership or membership expiration date, please contact Membership VP Nedra Rummell.

Have a Membership Question?

Email Membership Vice President Nedra at

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