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San Diego Jaguar Club History

History of the Club

Back in 1958, a young Navy pilot, John Duncan, was transferred to San Diego from San Francisco. He owned a Jaguar XK 140 MC FHC.  He had been very active in the San Francisco Jaguar Club. San Diego did not have a Jaguar Club so he joined the Coronado Sports Car Club.  There, he met Bill Grevemeyer and Bill Swett, who also owned Jaguars.  They decided to organize a Jaguar Club in San Diego.

The men placed flyers on every Jaguar they saw.  Early in 1959, they had enough people interested to apply to Jaguar Clubs of North America for a charter for the Jaguar Automobile Club of San Diego.  The club's corporate charter defined its purpose as providing a social environment within which Jaguar owners can share their enthusiasm for Jaguar cars, perpetuate the heritage of the marque, and encourage the preservation and restoration of older Jaguar cars.

While the official name of the club was the Jaguar Automobile Club of San Diego, we now call it The San Diego Jaguar Club.

Club Firsts

Below are some “Firsts” for the
Jaguar Automobile Club of San Diego
The First Meeting:
The group met at the Mexican Village in Coronado, CA on March 6, 1959 to form the San Diego Jaguar Club as a non-profit corporation.
First Club Officers:
President: John Duncan
Vice President: Bill Swett
Secretary / Treasurer: Cleo Adams
Activities Chairman: Bill Grevemeyer
The First Activity:
The club participated in the Coronado Fourth of July Parade.  Miss San Diego, Raquel Tejada (later known as Raquel Welch), rode in one of the club member's Jaguar.
The First Major Event:
The weekend event in Ensenada featured 11 cars from San Diego, 9 cars from San Francisco, and 6 cars from Los Angeles - 26 Jaguars in all. The City of Ensenada hosted the Jaguar owners who arrived on Friday afternoon in July.  Margaritas were free and there was dancing in the streets. The cars participated in a hill-climb event.


The First Concours:

The first club Concours was held in Balboa Park at the Organ Pavilion Amphitheater as part of the 1959 Fiesta del Pacifico.  Over 50 Jaguars from California were entered. The Chief Judge was well-known automotive authority, Bill Corey, of Pasadena.

History of our Logo

Bob Fitzgerald was President of the San Diego Jaguar Club in 1962.  The club was very active in area rallies, as were other car clubs in San Diego.  The cars in a rally were numbered, but Bob felt the SDJC cars should be identified as belonging to club members.  Bob sat down at his drawing board and created the artwork for the club logo.  This turned out to be the wire wheel with "JAGUAR CLUB SAN DIEGO" printed around the tire.  To emphasize the motif, he drew a Jaguar as depicted by the hood ornament, leaping from the upper portion of the tire.  Copies were made to pass out to members entering the rallies to tape on the car doors.

The club decided to order patches.  Small patches were placed over shirt pockets and large ones were placed on shirt backs.  These were worn to rallies, driving events, and the Concours.

The leaper Jaguar was later updated, reversed, and moved to its present position.  The new logo is used on newsletters, mastheads, decals, Jaguar car windshields, stationary, badges, writing pens, hats, and lapel pens.

past presidents list

The President of the San Diego Jaguar Club shall be elected each year to serve for a one (1) year term.  That one year term lasts from January 1 to December 31.  No President may serve more than two (2) consecutive years.  After skipping at least one year, a member may again be elected club president for up to two one (1) year terms.  To be eligible for the office of President, the Voting Member must have served at least one (1) full year on the board as a director or elected officer.


1959  John Duncan
1960  Forrest Adams


1961        Bill Grevemeyer
1962        Bob Fitzgerald
1963        Bob Wood
1964-65  Ken Marvin
1966        John Pennington
1967        David Lynn
1968        Dave Maple
1969        Bill Grevemeyer
1970        John Kucera


1971        Joe Jeffers
1972        Chuck Flack
1973-74  Bill Sloss
1975        Chuck Flack
1976        Jim Poleski
1977        Ute Lester
1978-79  Randy Prine
1980-81  Glenn Simpson


1980-81  Glenn Simpson
1982-84  Marian Butler
1985-86  Dick Miller
1987-89  Randy Prine
1990        John Hoy


1991        Castle Phelps
1992-93  Dick Cavicke
1994-95  Tracy Hazelton
1996        Harvey Ruben
1997        Randy Prine
1998        Jan Burton
1999-00  Norm Bild


2001-02  Bob Anderson
2003        Barbie Newmin
2004-05  Hazel Beck
2006-07  Katherine Partain
2008        Stick Holmes
2009        Katherine Partain
2010-11  Stick Holmes


2010-11  Stick Holmes
2012        Grant Rummell
2013        Stick Holmes
2013-14  Jay Staments
2014-15  George Klein
2016-17  Dan Jensen
2018        George Klein
2019-20  Mark Hodges


2021-22 Dan Jensen

member of the year award

2021 Winner

Terry Tilton

Presented by President Dan Jensen

List of Past Winners

1964       Ken Marvin
1965       John Pennington
1966       David Lynn
1967       John Kucera
1968       John Kucera
1969       Dale Maple
1970       Brooks Lake
1971       Charles Flack
1982       Fay Flack
1973       Bill Sloss
1974       Jane Fitzgerald
1975       Bob Atkins
1976       Ray Tetzlaff
1977       Ute Lester
1978       Randy Prine
1979       Beverly Holle
1980       Bob Lakin
1981       Francis Tarentino
1982       Lucia Skaug
1983       Irma Hayes
1984       Jane Fitzgerald
1985       Glenn Simpson
1986       Mirian Butler
1987       Diane Ward
1988       Curtis Parker
1989       Bob Fitzgerald
1990       The Jacksons
1991       Robyn Phelps
1992       Marge Denny
1993       Marilyn Prine
1994       Dick Cavicke
1995       Randy Prine
1996       Ed & Gail Hoffman
1997       Dick Cavicke
1998       Marilyn Prine
1999       Barbara & Bob Anderson
2000       Bob & Pat Harding
2001       John & Rhoda Yoder
2002       Bob Hallett
2003       Nedra Rummell
2004       Curtis Parker & Sandy Millard
2005       Katherine Partain
2006       Roger W. Townsend
2007       Stick Holmes
2008      Nedra Rummell
2009      Dan Jensen
2010      Robert J Celli
2011      George Klein
2012      Paul Novak
2013      Rexford Ryan
2014      Grant Rummell
2015      Rod Melendez
2016      David Putnam
2017      Roger & Diane McDonald
2018      Jim Hallameyer
2019      Pete Rieth
2020      Matt Allen & Devin Hodges
2021 Terry Tilton    

Bill Tuchscher Memorial award

2021 Winner

The annual SDJC Tuchscher award goes to the SDJC member with a Jaguar over twenty years old, scoring the highest points awarded in a Champion Division Class at the SDJC Concours d'Elegance that year.

The award is presented to the winner during the Annual Christmas Party


The Following is Etched on the Perpetual Trophy:

Annual Concours Sponsored by the Jaguar Club of San Diego

In Memory of William C. Tuchscher

June 26, 1936 – May 22, 1977

Beloved member of the San Diego Jaguar Club

He loved his family, friends, and life

Although much too short, his life was full

A Big man with a heart as big as he was

We miss him.

List of Past Winners:

Year       Owner                                               Jaguar
1977  Jim Shiner                                     1954 XK120 FHC
1978  Bob & Marlys Lakin                    1972 E Type Roadster
1979  Dick & Joanne Fuller                 1954 XK120 Roadster
1980  Frank & Mary Lou Owen          1967 XKE Coupe
1981  Jack & Marian Butler                1954 XK120 FHC
1982  Tom & Marge Denny                 1982 XJ6
1983  Richard Flint                                1972 E Type 2+2
1984  Ian & Barbara Cottrell              1970 XKE Coupe
1985  Lew Skaug                                    1981 XJ6
1986  Wright Benson                            1967 E Type 2+2
1987  Henry Krisel                                 1967 420 Sedan
1988  Dick & Joanne Fuller                 1948 3 ½ L DHC
1989  Dick & Ginny Cavicke                 1952 XK 120 OTC
1990  Dennis Crooks                             1963 E Type OTS
1991  Marlys Lakin                                 1991 Soverign
1992  Dick & Joanne Fuller                  1953 XK 120 OTS
1993  Doug & Jeri Stinson                   1993 XJ6 VDP
1994  Mike & Sharon Ludwig              1957 XK 140 DHC
1995  Doug & Geri Stinson                  1993 XJ6 VDP
1996  Frank Stone                                  1970 E OTS
1997  Victor Heerman                          1997 XKS FHC
1998  Les White                                      1962 MK2
1999  Tom Krefetz                                 1949 XK 120 OTS
2000  Ronald Carr                                  1966 E-Type OTS
2001  Jerry & Ruth Meyer                   1967 E-Type OTS
2002  Dick & Ginny Cavicke                 1953 XK 120 FHC
2003  Jerry Meyer                                  1967 E-Type OTS
2004  Floyd & Eliz Geissler                   1963 E-Type Coupe
2005  Dick & Ginny Cavicke                  1953 XK 120 FHC
2006  Don Harrington                            1984 XJ6 Sedan
2007  Rex Ryan                                         1961 MK2 Saloon
2008  Paul & Sandi McCarthy               1958 XK 150 OTS
2009  Paul & Sandi McCarthy               1958 XK 150 OTS
2010  Jack Rabell                                     1954 XK 120 FHC
2011  Jack Rabell                                     1954 XK 120 FHC
            Tom Krefetz                                   1959 XK 150 FHC
2012  Stanley Elman                                1962 E-Type Roadster
            Ken & Sandy Smith                       1967 E-Type Roadster
            Paul Novak                                      1990 XJ12 VDP
2013  J Craig Venter                                1948 Mark IV
2014  Tom Krefetz                                    1938 3.5L SS100
2015  Paul Novak                                      1990 V12 Vanden Plas
2016  Colin Seid & Richard Annis         1935 SS-1
2017  Craig Wright & Mary Ann Ward 1965 E-Type Series 1
2018  Colin Seid & Richard Annis          1948 Mark IV DH
2019  Paul & Debby Novak                     1990 V12 VDP
2020  Paul & Debby Novak                      1990 V12 VDP

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