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Event Announcements & Reminders:
Event announcements and reminders are system generated by the computer and go out to everyone in the club and/or on our contact list.  Please do not reply to these as the mailbox from which they are sent is not monitored.


  • Click on the event name or the Show Details link to view the details and/or register.
  • Follow the prompts to register.
  • Follow the payment directions for those events requiring payment. (Skip this step for free events or events requiring payment to another organization).
Registration Start & End Dates; Cancellations; and Refunds
  • You are responsible for knowing the start and end registration dates, which are clearly posted in the event details.
  • If an end date is not listed in the event details, there isn't one (usually reserved for free drive events)
  • The end registration date is usually the date the club must pre-pay and give an accurate participant count to the venue host.
  • Refund requests submitted before the registration end date will be considered - the request must be approved by the event chair to be honored.
  • Refund requests submitted after the registration end date will not be honored.
  • Events not specifically sponsored by the SDJC are posted as a convenience to our members and the general public.  They might not have registration dates posted to this website.  Please refer to the host organization for their registration requirements.

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming events

    • 9 Jul 2022
    • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Spanish Landing East (Cancer Survivor's Park), 3600 North Harbor Drive, SD CA 92101
    2022 San Diego Jaguar Club Concours d'Elegance
    Saturday, July 9, 2022; 8 am to 4 pm
    3600 North Harbor Drive
    Spanish Landing East - Cancer Survivor's Park

    We have unlimited Display Only slots, but are limited to the number of judged entries due to the number of judges judging the Jags. Online registration for Display Only entries closes Wednesday, July 6.  After that, display entries will be Day of Show. Just show up at the park Saturday morning and we will register you then - Cash or Check Only (see below).

    Sunday, June 12, 2022 Update:

    We have reached our limit for judged entries, so registration for judged entries is now closed.

    Our Concours is returning to Cancer Survivor's Park at Spanish Landing East, which is public lands owned and operated by the Port of San Diego. The Concours field opens at 8 am and all registrants must check in with their vehicles and be on the field by 9:30.

    Feel free to attend even if you are not showing a Jag to be judged.  Just register as a Display Vehicle.  We reduced our Display Entry fee to compete with the fee for parking in the parking lot.   Entry into the park is free, but the Port of San Diego does charge for parking in their parking lots.  They have a 4-hour time limit - you'll have to re-feed the meter for additional time.  For the same price, you can park on the field with all of the other display vehicles.  If you are not sure and wait until the last minute to decide, don't worry.  We'll take day of show display registrations because we again have plenty of room.

    Judges, if you are coming down in your Jag, go ahead and register as a display vehicle.  Why park in the parking lot and then have to leave at an inconvenient time just to re-feed the meter.

    Port rules dictate that only show cars are allowed on the grass.  All non-Jaguars must park in the parking lot.  Pay at the port parking kiosk to get a parking approval ticket.

    Day of Show Display Registrations:
    Cash or check only (made out to San Diego Jaguar Club) when we register you at the entrance to the field.

    Registration Options:
    $10 JCNA Member - Display Entrant
    $45 Non-JCNA Member - Display Entrant
    1. 2022 SDJC Concours Flier.pdf
    2. 2022 SDJC Concours Competition Classes.pdf
    3. 2022 Concours Rules for the Entrant.pdf
    4. 2022 Concours Event Information.pdf
    5. 2022 Directions for Filling out the Registration Form.pdf

    Once you register, you will receive an automated response confirming your registration.  You will receive periodic automated reminders thereafter, with the final reminder just a few days before July 9.  The final reminder will have any changes / additional information / updates / etc.

    Concours Registration Dates:
    Online Registration closes for Judged and Display entries on June 30.  This gives us eight days to set the field, print registration forms, set the judging schedule, print all other documents, and finalize all plans.

    If you do not register by June 30, you may still enter as Display Only on the day of the show.  Just bring a check or enough cash with you to the show and you'll fill out the Day of Show Display Entry form before driving on to the field of entrants.


    • Bring your own and have a picnic
    • Order from Delish Dogs at the Concours
    • Go to a local restaurant (You'll either have to walk or take a different car since vehicles are not allowed to leave the field before the end of the show).

    We will close the event with an awards ceremony.

    Trophy nameplates are determined by how you registered, so if you want two names on your trophy nameplate, enter both names on the registration form.


    JCNA Event Participation:
    It is an Entrant’s privilege to participate in any JCNA sanctioned event held by any JCNA affiliate upon executing proper registration forms and paying published entrance fees. Each affiliate shall be solely responsible for granting entry privileges to each Entrant on an individual basis.

    Acknowledgement and Release of Liability:
    I hereby agree to enter the above described Jaguar(s) in the San Diego Jaguar Club Concours d’Elegance. In consideration of the right and privilege to enter and participate and other valuable considerations, and intending to be legally bound, I agree to release Jaguar Clubs of North America, Inc., San Diego Jaguar Club, and the Concours d’Elegance committee from any and all liability for injuries, damage or loss arising from my entry and attendance in the Concours.

    I agree for myself and on behalf of everyone included in this registration.


    Thank you all and hope to see you at the park.

    • 5 Aug 2022
    • 2:00 PM
    • 6 Aug 2022
    • 9:00 PM
    • Unser Racing Museum, Albuquerque, NM

    The Jaguar Club of New Mexico Announces their 10th Annual Concours d' Elegance at the Unser Racing Museum.

    Deadline for Registration: July 30, 2022
    Locations for all activities will occur here:
    Unser Racing Museum (URM)
    1776 Montaño Road NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87107
    Hotel Albuquerque (HA)
    800 Rio Grande Blvd. NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87104

    Schedule of Events:
    Friday, August 5
    2:00-6:00 PM Registration/Hospitality Desk (HA)
    6:00-8:00 PM Welcome Reception/Cash Bar (HA)

    Saturday, August 6
    8:00 AM Arrival (URM)
    10:00-12:30 PM Judging (URM)
    12:30-2:00 PM Cars on display (URM)
    2:00-5:00 PM Non-TSD Rally (URM to HA)
    6:00 PM Social hour (HA)
    7:00 Dinner (HA)

    Hotel Information:
    Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town

    Click HERE to download the Flier, Registration Form, and Hotel Reservation Link

    Click HERE for the link to the Unser Racing Museum Website

    • 1 Oct 2022
    • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Idyllwild, CA

    Save the Date

    The Inland Empire Jaguar Club is returning to the Idyllwild Inn for their 2022 Jagstravaganza Concours

    Festivities usually start on Friday night and include an awards dinner after the show on Saturday.

    Registration will be on the IEJC Jag Club's website and will open soon.
    • 2 Oct 2022
    • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Idyllwild, CA

    Save the Date

    The Jaguar Owners Club of Los Angeles is hosting a Southwest Region Concours d'Elegance at the Idyllwild Inn, up in historic Idyllwild, CA.

    This Concours will be the day after the IEJC's Concours, so plan on on spending the weekend up at the mountain retreat.

    Registration will be on the LA Jag Club's website and will open soon.
    • 12 Oct 2022
    • 16 Oct 2022
    • Embassy Suites Hotel, Dallas, TX

    Save the Date

    The Jaguar Owners Association of North Texas will be hosting the 2022 International Jaguar Festival beginning on Wednesday, October 12 through Sunday, October 16 2022 at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field in Dallas

    • 4 Nov 2022
    • 6 Nov 2022
    • The McCormick Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ

    Save the Date

    The Jaguar Club of Central Arizona  is returning to the McCormick Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ for their 2022 Saloons in the Old West Concours d'Elegance.

    Registration will be on the JCCA Jag Club's website and will open soon.
    • 5 Nov 2022
    • TBD

    Save the Date

    The Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona is holding their 50th Annual Concours d'Elegance.

    Location TBD

    Registration will be on the JCSAz's website and will open soon.

Service Animals

Service animals might or might not be accepted at an event.

It is up to the vendor / facility to decide if they will accept service animals.

The club will not make inquiries about, or arrangements for, service animals.

It is up to the individual member to make arrangements with the facility /  vendor on bringing service animals prior to the event.

The club will not intervene on any vendor / facility decision.

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